How to Participate

Make sure to check your email and this site for regular updates leading up to the event.


First, register your account. You will be emailed login information that you may use on the days of the event to access content.

Purchase Ticket

Next, purchase a ticket or sponsorship. Choose how you would like to participate in the event.


What is a virtual event?

A virtual event utilizes a web platform to display content to users (attendees). Our event is typically an in-person meeting, but this year we have opted to hold it virtually. What does this mean for you? It means that instead of entering a conference room to watch a panel of experts, you will open a page on our web platform and watch a video of panelists.


How do I attend?

To attend the event first, register your account. Then, purchase a ticket. If your employer has purchased bulk tickets and supplied you with a code, claim your ticket here.


What do I get with my ticket purchase?

An event tickets affords you access to two tracks of content over the course of our three day event. You will be able to set your own schedule based on your interest in various sessions.


I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Visit this page to reset your password.


How do I access sessions?

On the days of the event, the site will display the two tracks – Technical and Training. Follow these tracks to view the available sessions for each. Alternatively, you may view the full schedule and select sessions from there.


Can I purchase tickets for my entire team?

Yes, purchase bulk tickets for your entire team here. Your confirmation email will include a code that you will supply to your team. Each participant must then register their account here and claim their ticket here. Instructions are also included in your confirmation email. Having each participant register their own account allows us to supply you with the best user experience.


Can I rewatch sessions at a later date?

Yes! A recording will be added to the session page one week after the conference closes. You will have access to these videos 24 hours a day.


Will I be able to ask questions during live sessions?

Yes! You will be able to interact with presenters and panelists during sessions.


Why was my credit card declined during registration?

As with any online credit card transaction, every detail needs to be correct including the card number, expiration date, security number, and zip code.  For business cards, the billing zip code may be the business address.


How do I purchase a sponsorship?

You can purchase a sponsorship by first registering an account, then selecting the sponsorship level you would like and making a purchase.


How do I submit the information for my sponsor page?

If you have purchased a sponsor ticket you will find a link in your confirmation email to submit your information. Alternatively, you may visit this page.


When can I see my virtual “booth?”

You will receive an email with a proof of your virtual booth. Once approved, it will be pushed live on the event page and can be accessed by all attendees, sponsors, and presenters.


Do I need to upload all my information in one shot?

You don’t have to, but it is preferred.


How many times can I edit my information before the conference?

Two times.


What’s the best way to house my video content?

Youtube or Vimeo are preferable, otherwise an MP4 file can be submitted.


How often can I update my sponsor materials after the conference?

Once per quarter.


I’m a gold level sponsor.  How do I use the chat feature?

Gold level sponsors will receive training on how to access the chat functionality of their sponsor page via a training video. If they have questions, they can contact the email.  Sponsors do not need to be present while attendees submit chat questions, and can respond later.