Company Overview

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has more than 35 years’ experience of consistent technical breakthroughs in thermal imaging and thermal measurement systems in the cement and lime industries.  Thermoteknix is privately owned and has been driven by successfully responding and taking care of our customers’ most challenging needs, year after year.  Our products are built to perform, built to last and provide our customers with the best return on their investment.

Featured Product

Thermoteknix MultiView Enterprise

Thermoteknix MultiView Enterprise revolutionises kiln, cooler and pyroprocess monitoring and control, delivering unique insights to support detailed optimisation programs. MultiView Enterprise is an integrated kiln and cooler, multi-sensor data platform. A single solution combining real-time kiln shell temperature scanning, live pyroprocess and cooler thermal video in a single, modular package, delivering a new generation of real time and historical process insight, alarming and control.

Building on Thermoteknix’ global experience designing, manufacturing and supplying the cement industry with its leading kiln temperature measurement and monitoring, MultiView Enterprise brings a radical, state-of-the-art solution to multi-sensor temperature systems. Its modular configuration of sensors combine into one integrated, fully featured solution with one Human Machine Interface (HMI) providing effortless access to live and historical data, synchronised throughout the kiln campaign.